How To Train Your Dog To Not Pee On The Carpet

Nov 30, 2019 | Healthy Home, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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Dogs bring a lot of joy into our homes! However, they can also bring unwanted odors—even if they’re trained well. 


Pet stains and odors can seem impossible to get rid of, but you don’t have to continue living with them. You can stop stains from the source when you know the right method for training your pup. As well as the best service available for pet stain and odor removal if accidents do occur. 


Here are a few simple tips and tricks from your local Chem-Dry pet stain removal specialists. 


House Training Your Dog To Protect Your Carpet 


Prevention is key when it comes to dealing with pet stains and odors. Dogs have a tendency to relieve themselves in the same spot over and over. That’s why professional pet urine removal in your La Porte, Texas home is crucial. You can also help prevent accidents from happening with the following tips from the pros at Wag!


The Kennel Method


1 – Select the right size kennel or crate. It should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in but small enough that they can’t comfortably relieve themselves inside it. 


2 – Add pillows, toys, or treats to the kennel to make it more cozy. 


3 – Use phrases like “in your crate” or “let’s go” to teach your dog to go in and out of the kennel. These cues, as well as reinforcement with treats or toys, will help your dog know where to go, and associate the wanted behavior with a reward. 


4 – Establish a specific time of day for your dog to spend in the kennel. This shouldn’t be all day long, but for a certain window of time. Like while you’re away at work or sleeping at night. 


5 – Immediately after “kennel time”, take your dog outside to go to the bathroom. This is an important routine because dogs won’t usually relieve themselves in the same area where they sleep.


6 – Reward your dog with a treat each time they successfully relieve themselves outside so they can learn to associate their training with a positive reward. 


The Schedule Method


1 – Determine how often your dog should be going to the bathroom. 


2 – Identify the times of day your dog should be going to the bathroom. It could be in the morning after they wake up, after meals or kennel time, before bed, and maybe in the middle of the night. 


3 – Avoid the tendency to punish your dog for accidents. Negative reinforcement doesn’t always work in terms of prevention. Instead, after an accident, relocate your dog to the proper area and clean up the pet urine stain


4 – Take your dogs outdoors on a timeline consistent with the established schedule.


5 – Every time your dog successfully goes to the bathroom outside, offer praise and rewards. Whether verbally or with toys or treats. 


6 – Adjust the schedule according to your dog’s needs and as they grow.


The Puppy Pad Method


1 – Purchase the appropriate size pee pads for your dog. 


2 – Place the pad in a specific, accessible area—preferably on tile or wood floors—and keep it there.


3 – About five minutes before your dog’s bathroom time, take them to the pad. Continue bringing him back to it every few minutes until they relieve themselves.


4 – Praise your pup any time he successfully uses the puppy pad.


5 – Dispose of the pad and keep the area around it clean. 


6 – When your dog is ready, gradually transition the pad closer to the door until you can place it outside. Just make sure the pad is always easily accessible. 


Pet Urine Removal in Friendswood, Texas 


Even if your dog is extremely well trained, it’s likely that pet stains and odors will occur. If you’re having a tough time getting rid of pet stains and odors completely, enlist the help of Elite Green Team Chem-Dry! 


We can eliminate potent, odor crystals from deep in your carpets with our premier Pet Urine Odor Removal Treatment.


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