Tips For Summer Cleaning Different Types Of Tile

Jun 27, 2023 | Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile cleaning in Friendswood

Tips For Summer Cleaning Different Types Of Tile

Any time of year is as good as any for tile cleaning in Friendswood, but this time of year definitely brings its own unique needs and benefits. 

Summer maintenance matters and Chem-Dry can help with these tips for taking care of different types of tile.

Porcelain And Ceramic Tile 

Always start by gently vacuuming or sweeping tile to remove loose dirt and debris. Also, keep in mind what cleaners to avoid on porcelain and ceramic tile—namely bleach, ammonia, acids, or corrosive chemicals. These can erode and damage porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

The best go-to is warm water and gentle detergent applied with either a mop or a soft microfiber cloth. Go over your floors once, then a second time using warm water only to remove any lingering residue. If you’re tile still looks a little foggy, try an all-purpose cleaner. 


Polished Tile

The key with polished tile is to select a mop that won’t leave behind unsightly streaks. Chamois-style mops tend to work better on polished tile compared to fabric or string-type options. Again, vacuum or sweep, then use warm water and a gentle cleaning detergent. 

With polished tile, you’ll want to be sure to dry them with a towel quickly to help avoid streaks. You’ll also need to buff them until they shine using a soft, microfiber towel.  


Natural Stone Tile 

It’s too easy to damage natural stone like marble, granite, or slate with the wrong cleaning products, so be sure to always follow the best practices for cleaning them. 

Avoid harsh chemicals, vinegar, lemon, and all abrasive cleaning solutions or tools. Use only cleaning solutions that are specially designed for use on natural stone. A mild detergent may be ok as long as it’s PH-neutral and non-acidic. It can also be helpful to have a professional take care of your tile cleaning in Friendswood


Cleaning Grout

Don’t forget the grout! Porous grout surfaces absorb dirt and grime and can become the perfect spot for mold to grow if not cared for properly. Have your grout re-sealed by a professional every six months for high-traffic areas and about every two years everywhere else. 

When cleaning grout yourself on a routine basis, try a simple cleaning solution consisting of one part water and two parts baking soda. Let the cleaner sit on your grout overnight then use a small brush to scrub it away. 


Tile Cleaning In Friendswood

Simple tile cleaning on a daily and weekly basis can go a long way in preserving and enhancing these surfaces in your home. Remember professional tile cleaning in Friendswood as well to deep clean your tile and re-seal your grout so it can last for years to come. 


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