Tips For Choosing Your Carpet Color

Jan 18, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, Healthy Home

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Choosing the right carpet color is crucial for the style, daily function, and resell value of your space. It may seem like a simple choice, but given the vast area it covers in the home and how many options there are available, it can feel like a significant challenge to decide on the best style, fiber, pattern, and color for your carpet. 


As the experts for carpet cleaning in Rosharon, Texas, we specialize in working with all different types of carpeting. Here are a few ticks and tricks for narrowing down those tiny carpet swatches to choose a color that will function well and provide the look you want in your space. 


Which Carpet Color Should I Choose? 


We recommend actually starting with other elements of your design first, like sofas, chairs, and other furniture. There are typically fewer color options to choose from for upholstery compared to carpeting, so it can be helpful to look at your other design elements first then find a carpet color that pairs well with what you have.


This is a tip that can be applied to other areas of your design as well. Start with the element with the most limited selection like furniture, then choose the carpet, then a paint color for the walls, then accent decor, bedding, and other finishing touches last. 


Stick With Neutral Colors 


You’ve probably noticed that most interiors feature neutral colored carpet—and for good reason. Bright colors can go out of style fast and can feel overwhelming in most spaces. Replacing carpet is expensive, so it pays to go with a more neutral shade that will last for years to come. And don’t worry, you can still implement bold color through paint and decor. 


You really can’t go wrong with earthy tones, like beige and warm gray. Then you can add texture and unique style to these tried-and-true colors with options like patterns in the carpet weave, or combining a few neutral colors in a flecked carpet instead of one solid color. 


This flecked carpet looks great and is also functional as it helps to hide dirt, particles, and stains. 


Whichever color you choose, consider what will be best for your lifestyle. For example, are their children or pets in the home? Are dirt and stains more likely on your floors? In most cases, it’s best to avoid extremely light or dark colors. These tend to show more stains, lint, and debris than medium tones. 


Carpet Cleaning In Rosharon, Texas


Chem-Dry can clean, remove stains, and care for your unique carpet material, style, and color. We’re here to help ensure your carpet investment lasts for years to come through proper maintenance and care. 


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