Protect Your Tile And Grout With These 5 Tips

Feb 15, 2024 | Healthy Home, Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Tile has so many beneficial features that make it an excellent flooring choice. Its durability and visual appeal make it a popular feature in both homes and commercial properties. 


With that said, tile and grout need routine maintenance to look their best. And that’s exactly our speciality—helping make tile and grout shine with professional tile cleaning in Friendswood


In addition to your own cleaning, these simple suggestions can go a long way to protect your tile and prevent it from getting excessively dingy and dirty. 


#1 – Use rugs and doormats in high traffic areas. 


Strategically place doormats and rugs in heavily soiled catch-all spots like outside your front entrance and inside your doors. Other ideas include in front of bathroom vanities, stoves, dishwashers. And in high traffic walkways. The rugs can help catch dirt and particles that can wear down and dull your tile seal and surfaces. 


#2 – Take added measures with pets. 


If you have pets inside your home, do your best to keep their nails trimmed so as to prevent your tile floors from getting scratched. Vacuum hair and dander from tile at least on a weekly basis, and clean up spills or urine quickly. Urine in particular has acidic properties that can eat away at tile surfaces over time.


#3 – Be cautious with furniture. 


If possible, lay down a rug first then place furniture on top of it. If furniture will be in direct contact with your tile, add furniture feet protectors on the bottom of furniture legs. Also avoid placing extremely heavy objects on tile to avoid cracking or crushing the surface. 


#4 – Vacuum or sweep and mop often.


You might be surprised what damage even a thin layer of dust and particles can do to tile seals and surfaces. Vacuum or sweep your tile at least every few days, and mop on a weekly basis. Use non-abrasive tools and cleaning solutions. One of our favorites is mixing ¼ cup white vinegar with every 2 gallons of hot water. 


#5 Reseal your tile and grout regularly. 


When done right, the sealant on your tile and grout can last for a while and do its job. However, keep in mind that it’s not meant to last forever. Your tile and grout will need to be resealed periodically in order to maintain the protective barrier between tile and porous grout and liquid, dirt, and stains. The good news is, we can refresh and reseal your tile as part of your tile cleaning service in Friendswood.


Tile Cleaning in Friendswood, TX


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