Why Your Carpets Need More Than DIY Pet Urine Removal

Jan 29, 2020 | Carpet Cleaning, Healthy Home, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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In today’s world of growing independence, there’s no shortage of people ready and willing to take on a home improvement project. However, when it comes to DIY projects, there are some tasks that should be left to the pros—like pet urine removal


Choose Professional Pet Urine Removal Treatment


When it comes to removing pet stains, the wrong method can actually make the problem worse. Most Do-It-Yourself methods do a decent job at removing surface stains but leave moisture and odor trapped deep beneath the surface. And because pets have a tendency to repeatedly relieve themselves in the same spot, this problem can compound quickly. 


When pet urine dries, it leaves behind acidic, potent odor crystals. These crystals can fill carpet fibers, backing, padding, and even hard flooring beneath and continue releasing odors unless treated properly. And, you guessed it, DIY pet stain cleaning Is simply unable to reach and eliminate these pesky crystals. 


It can also be difficult to find either a store-bought or homemade cleaning solution that meets all your needs. It needs to be powerful enough to eliminate stains, is safe for pets, and won’t discolor or damage your carpets. Pet urine cleaning solutions are also often used with far too much water which increases the risk for mold or mildew growth.


Pet Urine Removal League City, Texas 


Fortunately, the facts about pet urine in carpets don’t have to get you down. Chem-Dry has worked hard to develop a revolutionary pet urine removal treatment that’s highly effective but still safe for your pets and the local environment. 


We’ll pull back your flooring if necessary to expose the affected areas, thoroughly apply our proprietary P.U.R.T. formula, let it sit, then extract the stains and odors using our industry-leading carpet cleaning method. Plus, we’ll do it all using a staggering 80% less moisture than traditional steam cleaners


Trust the League City carpet cleaning experts at Elite Green Team Chem-Dry to treat all of your pet stain woes. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve a cleaner, happier, healthier home. 


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