Get Rid Of Discolored Grout With Help From The Pro’s

Mar 25, 2019 | Tile and Grout Cleaning

discolored grout in kitchen cleaned by Elite Green Team Chem-Dry

Dingy, dirty, dull tile and grout is a problem in many homes and can seem nearly impossible to reverse. There’s a reason why this happens, and there are also real solutions to restore these surfaces to their original beauty.

Causes And Solutions For Grout Discoloration


Spills, stains, and dirt aren’t the only cause of dirty grout. In fact, the soapy residue left behind in the cleaning process is the number one culprit for dingy grout and tile.


Grout sits lower than the level of tile and is extremely porous, which makes it the ideal place for soap and dirt to deposit. But stains aren’t the only concern—dust and allergens concentrate in grout and on tile surfaces, too.


While it’s easy for stains and contaminants to burrow into the grout, the tricky part is that in contrast, they’re very difficult to remove.


The first factor to remember is to use the least amount of water and soap as possible in the cleaning process and to utilize grout and tile cleaning professionals. They’ll have the equipment necessary to remove what all the scrubbing in the world can’t.


Plus, Chem-Dry applies a sealant that shields your grout and tile from future stains and makes it more resilient for the future.


Tile Cleaning In Friendswood, Texas


Elite Green Team Chem-Dry not only helps give you a cleaner home but a healthier one too.


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