Fight Seasonal Allergies With Chem-Dry Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

Jun 23, 2020 | Healthy Home, Upholstery Cleaning


Spring and summer are the perfect times to open up a window and feel the morning breeze or spend time outside enjoying the sunshine. But these beautiful seasons are also times that bring sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy noses, and other symptoms of seasonal allergies. 


Whether you’re a seasonal or year-round allergy sufferer, Chem-Dry can help with our full range of services including upholstery cleaning in Pearland, Texas


Chem-Dry Combats Allergies With Upholstery And Carpet Cleaning 


While hay fever is a common culprit, seasonal allergies can also be triggered by other various sources like pollen, mold, pets, or dust mites. In fact, many people are exposed to allergens within their own homes through the air they breathe each day. But the good news is, Chem-Dry has a proven solution. 


Carpets and upholstery are especially prone to collecting allergies and dust. Their soft fibers can quickly absorb whatever is floating around in the air, including dust, pollen, pet hair, and odors. And because so much time is spent lounging on carpet and furniture, these allergens are then transferred onto our clothing, faces, handles, and even the air we breathe. 


So which option is a better solution for removing allergens when considering carpet vs. steam cleaning? Elite Green Team Chem-Dry has the answer! 


You can help your loved ones avoid allergens and related respiratory illnesses by taking proactive steps to keep your home dust and allergy-free. While traditional steam cleaners use lots of moisture and soapy detergents to remove dirt and stains, Chem-Dry has developed a better way. 


In fact, as found in a recent Home Health Study, Chem-Dry does more than just clean your carpets and upholstery. We even remove 98% of allergens in the process. 


Common household allergens are no match for Chem-Dry carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our goal is to help your home look it’s best while protecting the health and wellbeing of your loved ones in the process.


Upholstery Cleaning In Pearland, Texas


At Elite Green Team Chem-Dry, our focus is on your health and happiness. That’s why we work hard to help eliminate allergens and dust from your Pearland home through our upholstery and carpet cleaning services. 


So empower yourself to take control of the health of your home with help from Chem-Dry. We promise to deliver the results and the peace of mind that only we can bring. 


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