Some Of The Dirtiest Items You Probably Touch On A Daily Basis

Sep 19, 2022 | Healthy Home, Upholstery Cleaning

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Have you ever stopped to consider how dirty some of the most common household items are? And how often you come in contact with them? This isn’t something that needs to cause you unnecessary stress and worry, but it’s definitely important to be aware of to help promote a clean home. 


As your trusted upholstery cleaner in Friendswood, we’re here to help keep some of these items dirt, stain, and odor free. 


Here are some dirty items to watch out for and clean on a regular basis. 


Top Items That Might Be Dangerously Dirty 


  • Shopping carts. So many people’s hands touch shopping cart handles during the day. Plus, produce, meat, and other food are circulated through their baskets. Utilize sanitizing wipes at the front of the grocery store to help ensure a clean shopping experience. 


  • Cash. Sure, it’s not as common anymore to carry coins or cash with you. But when you do, these items could likely be dirty from being passed between so many hands. 


  • Upholstery. This is where individuals and families spend the majority of their time. It might be surprising to see how much dirt and grime is actually present in the average household couch. 


  • Cell phones. This makes sense when you consider how often these devices are glued to our hands. Try not to bring your phone with you every time you use the restroom and wipe down your phone with a sanitizing wipe often. 


  • Computer keyboards. The nooks and crevices in keyboards do a great job at hiding dirt and other particles. 


  • Remote control. The next time you reach for your remote to turn on your favorite show, consider the last time you gave it a good cleaning. 


  • Sink and refrigerator handles. Be particularly cautious when handling raw food and wipe down these handles daily if you can. 


  • Sponges and towels. Make it a habit to swap these out about every other day and machine wash them in between uses. 


Upholstery Cleaner In Friendswood, TX


Elite Green Team Chem-Dry can help you keep dirt and stains under control around your home. It’s important to have your couch and other furniture cleaned on a routine basis. As your upholstery cleaner in Friendswood, we’re here to help! 


Request your FREE price estimate from our upholstery cleaner in Friendswood today.

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