Debunking 8 Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

Mar 28, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning, Healthy Home

debunking carpet cleaning myths

You can’t believe everything you see about professional carpet cleaning on the internet. Some of it may be true, some false, and a lot of it is somewhere in between. 


When looking for answers, it’s important to go straight to the source—the right source. Elite Green Team Chem-Dry is exactly that as your trusted professional for carpet cleaning in Pearland


Here are some of the most common carpet cleaning myths out there and the truth behind them.


The Truth About These Carpet Cleaning Myths


  • Cleaning carpets actually makes them get dirtier faster. It’s true that traditional steam cleaners can leave behind soapy residue that attracts dirt. However, Chem-Dry’s approach uses the power of carbonation—providing a deeper clean and no dirt-attracting residue, plus helping your carpets better repel dirt and stains in the future. 


  • Vacuuming carpet too much can do more harm than good. Today carpets are made to stand up well against vacuuming, especially when you use a high quality machine. 


  • Carpet cleaning can cause mold and mildew growth. It’s true that when excess moisture is used in carpet cleaning, like with steam cleaners, mold and mildew growth can occur. But Chem-Dry offers a better solution. Our method uses 80% less moisture than steam cleaners, reducing dry times and virtually eliminating the risk of mold and mildew growth in carpet.


  • DIY methods can get rid of lingering odors in carpets. Some people try do-it-yourself methods like baking soda or powder deodorizers to remove stubborn odors, especially those caused by pets. But the truth is, when pet urine dries, it leaves behind potent odor crystals trapped deep in carpet, padding, and backing that will need to be professionally removed by a Chem-Dry pro. 


  • Professional carpet cleaning isn’t necessary. Even when carpets appear to be clean, they can be hiding some nasty contaminants, particles, and odors. Carpets should be cleaned at least annually, or more often as needed. Doing so can help extend the lifespan of your carpet significantly.  


  • All you need is to DIY spot treat stains. Even the best at-home methods won’t remove carpet stains completely. It matters to enlist the help of a pro to get rid of stains at the source, for good. 


  • Professional cleaning makes carpets shrink. This isn’t always the case. When carpets don’t dry properly after cleaning, there is a risk that the carpet will shrink. But that’s why it’s crucial to utilize a method that uses less moisture and dries faster—like Chem-Dry’s power of carbonation


  • Professional carpet cleaning costs too much money. The benefits of professional carpet cleaning far outweigh the cost. And with that said, carpet cleaning is actually priced well. Start by utilizing free price estimates and coupons, too.  


Carpet Cleaning In Pearland 


Elite Green Team Chem-Dry delivers all you want and need in a professional carpet cleaner. We look forward to serving you with industry-leading methods that are unmatched. 


Request an appointment for carpet cleaning in Pearland today!

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