Commercial Cleaning For Your Carpet And Wood Floors

May 29, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Wood Floor Cleaning

friendswood commercial cleaning

Maintaining a large commercial space is a significant undertaking. It requires having a plan and schedule in place to stay organized and know when and how often various tasks need to be completed. 


You may have some type of a maintenance manager handling this for you, which is a great option! Part of keeping your space looking its best involves delegating to various contractors and professionals specialized in carrying out specific needs. 


Clean and Restore Your Business Flooring


Elite Green Team Chem-Dry is one such professional by helping business owners with their commercial carpet cleaning in the Friendswood, TX, area. We can also clean and restore other types of flooring, with wood floor cleaning being one of our most popular services. 


Our professional recommendation is to maintain carpets and wood floors regularly—before they appear significantly dirty or damaged. Keeping commercial carpet cleaning and wood floor cleaning on a routine schedule can preserve and protect these surfaces before they get noticeably worn and either require an even more extensive fix or need to be replaced.


Routine maintenance helps protect flooring and can ultimately save you money in the long run. Shutting down your operations and paying for flooring replacements is something we want to help you avoid. 


We also understand how important it is to keep your business and employees running, which is why we work around your schedule and also complete our services thoroughly but quickly, limiting the downtime in your space. 


Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Wood Floor Cleaning in Friendswood, TX


The appearance of your floors sends a message to those who spend time in your space. Our goal is to make sure the impression left is a good one that truly represents you, your business, and the values that drive you. 


Your floors are in the best hands with Elite Green Team Chem-Dry and we look forward to serving you! 


Request a free price estimate for your next project. You can also give us a call at (346) 217-9105 and we can discuss your cleaning needs by phone.

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