Which Is Better—Carpet Or Hardwood Floors?

Mar 10, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, Healthy Home, Wood Floor Cleaning

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Choosing between carpets or hardwood floors for various rooms in the home is a decision that comes down to several different factors. 


Elite Green Team Chem-Dry is the premier carpet cleaner in Houston and also offers industry-leading wood floor cleaning. We’ve truly seen it all and we’d like to share a few key considerations we’ve learned over the years that can help you determine the best flooring material for your space. 


Carpets Vs. Hardwood Floors 


The decision often comes down to function, style, maintenance, and cost. 


If you have original hardwood floors in your home, by all means, it’s a great idea to preserve and protect them. If you’re remodeling an old home, you may even find beautiful hardwoods hidden underneath old flooring. It really comes down to what’s easier for you and what will function best in your home. 


One of the main reasons people choose one over the other is style. Some like carpeting for the cozy, warm feeling it brings—particularly in bedrooms. Others prefer the look of rich hardwood floors and utilize area rugs throughout the home. 


Both carpets and hardwood floors will need to be maintained. Both are also susceptible to spills and damage. If there are children or pets in the home, this can be a significant factor in your decision too.


Carpet cleaning in Houston is an affordable service that helps keep carpets looking and smelling their best and lasting for years to come. Chem-Dry also shields and protects carpet fibers which help them better repel liquid, dirt, and stains. 


Hardwood floors are durable, but when they’re scratched or damaged, repairing them can be a more costly expense.


As far as cost is concerned, hardwood floors are typically significantly more expensive compared to carpet. But for some, this investment upfront is worth it for the years they plan to spend in their home and for the resale value hardwood floors can provide. 


Carpet Cleaning In Houston


When it comes down to it, the choice is really yours. Each provides its own unique benefits and potential setbacks. 


Keep in mind that Elite Green Team Chem-Dry is here as your carpet cleaner in Houston and can help keep your floors in their best possible shape as the years go by. 


Request your appointment for carpet cleaning in Houston today!

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