5 Pro Tips To Prepare For Your Next Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Jul 21, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, Healthy Home

5 Pro Tips To Prepare For Your Next Carpet Cleaning Appointment

5 Pro Tips To Prepare For Your Next Carpet Cleaning Appointment 

It’s important to schedule carpet cleaning in Pasadena on a regular basis. We recommend having carpets professionally cleaned at least annually.


Getting the most out of your professional carpet cleaning appointment starts with how you prepare. Following these tips can help you get the best possible clean and maximize the results you’ll see with carpet cleaning in Pasadena


Here are a few considerations we recommend prior to our next visit to your home.

How To Prepare For Your Next Carpet Cleaning 


  • It’s essential to make sure your carpets are easily accessible and that the entire surface area can be reached. Clear large items like furniture to help ensure your carpets get the deepest clean possible. 


  • Also move or lift anything that touches your floor—especially drapes or curtains.


  • Be especially aware of your walls as you move items and throughout the entire carpet cleaning process. Take precautions to avoid dings, scuffs, or dents on baseboards and walls. 


  • Before the pro’s arrive for carpet cleaning in Pasadena, it can make a difference to vacuum your carpets. This isn’t required, but can help speed up the process and ensure a deeper clean. 


  • During your carpet cleaning appointment and afterwards, do your best to keep children and pets off of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning In Pasadena


Following your appointment, there are a few key things to remember, too. 


First, allow your floors adequate time to dry. With Chem-Dry, this won’t take nearly as long as other methods thanks to our revolutionary approach that uses significantly less moisture. 

Learn more about the power of carbonation and how Chem-Dry harnesses it for carpet cleaning in Pasadena!

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