3 Reasons Why Upholstery Cleaning Is So Important

Apr 22, 2019 | Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning in Pearland, Tx

There are so many things to keep up with around your home that many people ask the question, is professional upholstery cleaning really that important?


The short answer is yes. Here are just a few of the key reasons why it’s essential to keep these heavily used items in your home cleaned regularly.


#1 – Upholstery cleaning preserves your furniture and makes it last longer.

The first thought most people have when considering upholstery cleaning is that this is how to keep your furniture looking clean and fresh. It’s true that upholstery cleaning removes dirt and other particles from your furniture, but it also brings another (sometimes overlooked) benefit.


Dirt and debris wear down furniture fibers quickly. By keeping the fibers of your furniture clean, you can help your upholstery to last much longer. This often means having your upholstery cleaned long before it appears to be noticeably dirty.


#2 – Upholstery cleaning can make your family healthier.

While the appearance of your furniture does matter, what’s even more important is the health of your family and pets.


Allergens, mold, odors, and bugs are transferred to your family and throughout your home from your furniture. This can cause a variety of illnesses and health risks. That is, unless your furniture is cleaned regularly.

By cleaning the furniture where your family spends so much of their time, you can help promote a healthier, safer home.


#3 – Upholstery cleaning can improve indoor air quality.

Not only do all the nasty things hiding in furniture find their way onto our bodies, but into the air we breathe, too. Upholstery cleaning can help make the air you breathe every day in your home healthier—reducing the risk for asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems.


Upholstery Cleaning In Pearland, Texas

If the realities of what a dirty couch can do to your family have you concerned, that’s ok. There are real solutions you can put to use in your home to be proactive and stay on top of this problem.


Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning removes 98% of allergens from your furniture. That means that with Elite Green Team Chem-Dry, you can breathe easier and spend more time enjoying your life in the Pearland, Texas area.

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