3 Pet Urine Removal Methods For Your Carpet

Apr 4, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, Healthy Home, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

pet urine removal

Pets are a part of the family! Even though they make messes from time to time, it’s understandable that accidents are bound to happen. And not to worry—Chem-Dry is here to help with pet urine removal in Pasadena

We help make pet cleanup a breeze with solutions that are proven to work. And in between our visits for pet urine removal in Pasadena, here are some effective tips for cleaning up pet urine and odors around the home. 

Homemade Cleaning Solutions 

Making your own cleaning solution can be both budget-friendly and eco-friendly. Try gradually applying a small amount of cleaner at a time to the affected area. Here are some we suggest: 

  • Lightly soak the stain in vinegar then sprinkle baking soda on top. Cover the area, wait a day or two, then scoop away any remaining baking soda and rinse and blot dry the area. 
  • Combine a cup of lukewarm water with a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. 
  • Mix two tablespoons of ammonia in one cup of water. 
  • In a spray bottle, combine four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of dish soap with two tablespoons of lukewarm water. 

Quick Spot Treatment 

It can also be effective to have a store-bought cleaning solution on hand. Choose a non-toxic formula that’s safe for pets. Some good go-tos are OxiClean, Resolve, or Spot Shot. 

Professional Pet Urine Removal In Pasadena 

It can feel like a lot to keep up with pet stains and odors on your own. Plus, it’s important to note that spot treating only goes so far. Professional pet urine removal in Pasadena is necessary on a regular basis. 

Pet urine penetrates deep beneath the surface and when it dries, potent odor crystals are left behind in the backing, padding, and even hard flooring beneath. These crystals will continue to release odors unless professionally removed. 

Our team removes odors and stains at the source with professional pet urine removal in Pasadena


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