Carpet is a central design element of the home. It can also be one of the most significant indoor health risks if not cared for properly. 


Many people search for “carpet cleaning near me” in an effort to keep their homes looking their best. However, there are actually significant health benefits to scheduling this service on a routine basis. 


Carpet is the perfect spot to hide some pretty concerning contaminants—some that can be seen by the naked eye, and some that can’t. Chem-Dry is here to help target and eliminate each of the following hazards often found in the average household’s carpets. 


What Could Be Hidden In Your Carpet?


Here are some of the most common things found in carpets on a daily basis (and don’t worry, Chem-Dry can help you get rid of them).


  • Pet urine. When animals relieve themselves on carpets and the liquid dries, potent odor crystals filled with bacteria are left behind. 
  • Odors. Pet odors and any other smells floating around in the air can make their way into carpets and remain trapped there. 
  • Chemicals. Whatever is floating around in your home, including cleaning chemicals, can be absorbed by carpets. 
  • Bacteria. Harmful germs that make us sick like Staph, Salmonella, and E Coli are commonly found in carpet fibers. 
  • Dust. About 40 pounds of harmful dust is accumulated every year in the average U.S. home—especially in carpets.
  • Dirt. Soil (and whatever else is on the bottom of feet or shoes) is easily tracked indoors and onto carpets. 
  • Dander. Pets and people unknowingly deposit dander around the home—including in carpet fibers—on a daily basis. 
  • Dead skin. Even when we don’t realize it, people and pets shed skin cells daily. These particles are what feed dust mites, ticks, and fleas. 
  • Hair. Both from humans and pets. Yep, gross but true! 
  • Bugs. Microscopic bugs that feed on dander, hair, and skin flakes burrow into carpets and can trigger allergies. 
  • Mildew. This is a risk especially in humid climates or when too much moisture is used in the carpet cleaning process. 
  • Mold. This can be from moisture or from food particles trapped in carpets. 
  • Allergens. Dust mites feed on particles in carpets. Other allergens can also be tracked into your home and onto carpets. 


Carpet Cleaner In Houston 


The good news is, Chem-Dry can eliminate all of these and more with carpet cleaning in Houston


You spend a lot of time on your carpets, and you and your loved ones deserve to be protected. When you utilize professional carpet cleaning at least on an annual basis, you can rest assured that your home is a cleaner, healthier place. 


Learn more about how Chem-Dry carpet cleaning removes 98% of allergens from carpet and 89% of airborne bacteria.

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